Bub wins award for 'best' (read: worst) payment review in history!

Regardless of how customer’s express their problem(s) with the (extortionate) new direct debit policy, it’ll be the same reply from Bulb customer service.

“We have recently done a payment review to make sure members accounts are in a good place for this time of year. We calculate this from what we think you will use over the winter period and also the price increase that we have had recently.”

Bulb in 2018 and 2019 was superb. In 2020, Bulb has become an utter disappointment.

I hope all of you, who are equally as frustrated as I am, send Bulb the only message they understand. Switch to another service provider, and let your voice(s) be heard.

This will be my first, and last post on Bulb community.

Goodbye good folk of Bulb community.


Yep. Despite being in credit X2 our monthly bills, they’ve put the payment up dramatically. Currently looking for another supplier.


Hi @AntJ

We are sorry about this. The payment review is done so that members have credit to cover their winter payments and also to take into consideration the price increase we had.

If you want us to look into your payment please send us a direct message.


Me too , switched to octopus this morning . Lower fixed rates and hopefully better customer service .

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