Building Bulb's Insight Bank

Hi everyone, I’m Flora.

I’m part of @“Jenna at Bulb” 's User Researcher team. Our job is to investigate how Bulb can improve our member’s experience. We try to understand what you think about Bulb, our products and the way you experience your energy supply.

I’m currently working on Bulb’s first Insight Bank.

What’s an Insight Bank?
It’s is an internal database where all research findings are stored.

When researching with our members, we gather a huge amount of information, from observations to quotes and comments. The database will make sure they’re all in one place.

Why is it important?
There are several reasons to build an Insight Bank, but these are our top two:

  1. To build on the lessons we’ve learned
    There are five researchers on our team, and we’re all busy working on different, but related topics. The Insight Bank will mean we can search every project quickly, using keywords. We’ll be able to learn from each other’s work and build on some of the most interesting findings. As we’re working across different teams, this should become our starting point for new projects and a nice way to wrap up projects when they’re done. It’ll avoid valuable work getting lost (in the murky depths of someone’s hard-drive), and put it into the hands of the people who need it.

  2. To share our findings with team Bulb
    We believe that if research is worth doing, it’s worth sharing. For every project we do here, a designer and researcher will work closely together. Research informs everything we do. But we always have lots of projects happening once. By making our insights accessible to the whole team, we can make sure your frustrations and excitements are heard. It’s only by everyone on the team really understanding your needs that we’ll be able to build a website or mobile app that’s genuinely easy-to-use, useful and hopefully as robust as it needs to be.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Do you fancy joining any of our future experiments?
We’d love to have you! It’s easy to sign up here.

That’s interesting, but how does this work under GDPR? How are you handling people opting out of this processing, and where are you collecting their consent?

Hi @david_

Great question!

The most important thing to highlight here that everything in the insight bank is anonymous, nothing is linked to any individual. The bank is the collection of our observations, not our participants. For example, an observation could be that participants of a research project couldn’t find the button to cancel their switch. For that to live in the bank we don’t need to say who was the person who showed us the behaviour - only that we saw it.

Regarding consent. When we conduct interviews or run usability tests, all participants sign a consent form that allows our researchers to store and analyse the sessions. These forms are stored online. We also give participants the option to opt out from the session at any point and withdraw their consent.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

So if you are getting consent on this, why is there no cookie wall on your main website?

There are 49 third-party requests requests to 22 unique hosts, can I have the contact details of your DPO? Thanks