Building up credit . Bills and smarting meters

I’m increasingly desperate! Spoke on line last week. They said they would resolve. Haven’t had statements in months. Second or 3 rd time in a year! Apparently were on priority list as over 60 but you wouldn’t think it.Are Bulb in trouble should I take it to an Ombudsman, the papers or a consumer programme. Just what is going on? Will write to CEO again if not helped. Thanks, David

Hi Dewi

Just so you know, there needs to be a complaint open for 8 weeks to get the ombudsman involved. If there’s not one already, you can open one at the complaints page at the bottom of the page, on the “contact” list:

Hi @dewi.sion7 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and I’m really sorry about the delay in solving this issue. I realise it’s impossible to keep track of your usage without getting statements, so would like to sort this as soon as I can. I’m just having a closer look into the account, and have sent you an email so we can continue the conversation.

Cara :bulb:

Cara -youve not replied. Should we contact ceo?

Hey @dewi.sion7,

I replied to you on another thread, but let me know if you still have any questions.

Georgie :bulb:

Hi @dewi.sion7 :wave:

Apologies for the delay on this email. I have sent you an update on the statements issue and compensation. If you can get back to me there when possible that would be great.

Thank you,