Building winter credit..

Hi… before I switch to you, I’d like you to ask for some feedback.

prefer to have a constant expense every month regardless of the season. My experience is utility providers underestimate the average monthly cost by 5-30 %. What happens is once they have me and they see my consumption characteristics, they tinker with the Direct Debit amount and it fluctuates like on whim during the 1 year cycle. I managed to deal with this problem in the last 2 years (after this frustrating experience) by not accepting the provider’s estimate and instead I asked for the direct debit to be a higher number. This effectively lead to a situation when in winter the provider did not have to tinker with the monthly DD amount because it gave them (and me) confidence I will not be in debit at the end of March or April.
The problem with switching in August is that

  1. the consumption is at it’s lowest
  2. I accumulated some credit at my current provider.

I will switch over to you if

  1. I will be able to send a one-off amount to you as “credit” for the winter period.
  2. I will be able to agree with you on a higher Direct Debit amount than what your estimate is using the website.

Is both 1) and 2) possible?

regards, Kris

@KristianAngyal Yes!

  1. You can make a one-off payment whenever you like online. You’re also fully in control of your monthly payment amount and can change it to whatever you like irrelevant of our suggestion. We will make suggestions (that incorporate a seasonal model) but feel free to listen to these or ignore these.

  2. Yes, the best way to do this would be to click “refine my quote” and alter the ‘I know how much I use’ to whatever you please.