Bulb 12 Month Check Up Calls & Security Issue

Just taken a call ostensibly from Bulb doing a “healthcheck” as I have been with them 12 months. They are calling me but want me to identify myself using my name & address. Clear security risk if I do that, as giving away those details that can be recorded and used in a scam/fraud. Lady caller very polite but won’t proceed without me reciting those details. I have pointed out they wouldn’t be calling me unless they had those details - unless they were NOT Bulb. My caller ID showed “Bulb” but that is no guarantee these days of sophisticated scams. We mutually decided to terminate the call at that point.

Is this actually Bulb calling? If so, why do they need my details?

It probably was Bulb, but there are so many companies that practice this idiocy and then wonder why folks fall for phishing scams.

If I call Bulb, I have to identify myself to them. If they call me, they need to do likewise before expecting me to give any PII to them.

And this is where it usually falls down, as I don’t know of a single company that has properly set up a way for their staff to prove they are who they say they are over the phone.

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Hi @Grimes

Firstly, welcome to the community and thanks for doing your first post :unicorn: :wave: This is really useful feedback in improving our Bulbiversary calls.

We have recently started doing check up calls with members just to make sure everything in their account is healthy e.g. up to date meter reads, correct payments and to ask them if they have any queries.

To do this we do have to ask you to confirm your details, this is due to GDPR and privacy and also as someone else could pick up your phone.

I do understand that you would be hesitant to do this. I have had a quick check and can see your accounts are all up to date and in a good position. In one of them you could actually lower the direct debit payment. You can do this on your account.

I hope that helps.

Let me know if you have any other queries


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Perhaps an idea would be to email customers before hand to let them know (and to give them an option to opt out - for example, if you have a sleeping child or similar and you don’t want them waking up with unnecessary phones ringing). Personally, I’d prefer an opt-in “We’d like to talk to you for a general account checkup - it’s nothing to worry about: to book an appointment, please go to [here] to pick an appropriate tim/date and provide your preferred telephone number. Please note that when we call, we will have to check your identity - the form will have a optional “passphrase” box in it which we will quote to you for security.”


@RichyB , this is an excellent idea.

We’re actually looking at improving this process off the back of this thread and I’ve shared your comment that we do a preemptive email with our member comms team.

We’ll keep you updated with how the discussions go, and please do keep the ideas coming. This one is a peach :peach:

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