Bulb above enegy price cap?

Why are your tariffs on the website above the Ofgem energy price cap for Gas?

Bulb Tariff Gas Unit rate 7.34p per kWh, Ofgem cap 7.00p per kWh

Anyone else noticed this?


:rage: :bulb:

According to my calcs looking at the OfGEM website, for South Western region (where I am) the cap is £949.07 for 12,000KwH which makes charge 7.91p per KwH - on that basis if Bulb are charging 7.34p they are under the cap

Ofgem round the figures on many of their web pages. I believe the exact figure they use for their “average” is 7.37p per kWh.

It’ll be so much more consumer friendly if OFGEM just listed “Maximum unit price per region” instead of that damn spreadsheet giving “Average customer usage” which you’ve then got to break down…

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