Bulb account for an offline OAP

Hi there,

I’d love to switch my mother in law’s energy provider BUT she doesn’t have a computer and isn’t online. Do you do old-fashioned paper billing at all? If not, could you?

Hi @RachelRachel ,

Bulb only really sends out paper statements for ‘proof of identity’ or to vulnerable customers (see https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003609972-Can-I-get-paper-statements- ). If your mother in law hasn’t got a computer or smart phone, I would say that Bulb isn’t the right choice for her (and that’ll also rule out quite a few other providers as well: and the remaining ones won’t be able to give her ‘paperless discounts’ etc).

If, however, you’ve got an old smart phone you can provide her, she can use Bulb’s website on the phone (no need for the app [she’ll just need an email address - so Gmail/Hotmail etc etc]: and 3G/4G means she won’t need an internet connection at home - just make sure she avoids ‘data heavy’ things like YouTube) and she can become a fellow Bulberino along with getting access to a whole host of other advantages the online world can offer.


It’s worth noting also that Bulb is ‘online orientated’ and so important account information (such as price changes, legislation changes, etc) is all sent via email (instead of paper letters: think of the trees!) so she needs to be setup to receive those as well.

According to this article, Bulb offers a variety of options for vulnerable customers (such as pension-age customers), including alternative statement formats. It might be worth giving them a ring on the number at the bottom of that article - 0300 30 30 635 - to discuss.

@RachelRachel We can send paper comms & bills to our members that may need it - there would still have to be an online account of some sort, though. If you’re happy to manage this for your mother in law, then we’re absolutely fine with that as well (so long as she agrees)

Is this not discrimination?

@Peter_H Or is it unreasonable to expect to join a company that only operates online when you’re not online yourself?