Bulb Account Referral Credit Issue

I have recently switched over to the Bulb Account with electricity & gas. To sign up I had used a friend’s referral link which also stated I would receive a credit of £50.

I have not yet received any credit & I got a DD debited today for 53.75.

Can this please be rectified?


This is just a customer discussion forum, not Bulb customer support. I’d suggest contacting Bulb directly using the customer support contact details listed at the bottom of the “Help” page.

Speaking as another customer, your direct debit will be taken even though you have referral credit. You might like to take a look at the articles in the knowledge base (again, “Help” link above) where it explains how the monthly payments work.

Are you sure you haven’t had your referral fee? It’ll appear as a credit to you Bulb account, not your personal bank account.

Hi @Hooloovoo ,

You are right. I understand that it will not appear on my Bank Account but as credits. Yes, I do see my credits & only reflects what the Direct Debit debited from my account today but not the referral bonus. It does say that it is supposed to be reflecting as soon as my switch is complete. I submitted my meter readings today.
Hence i wanted to know of this from other fellow Customers too!

I will contact the customer helpdesk too. Cheers.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile: