Bulb always estimates 0 useage

I’ve contacted Bulb 2/3 times about this but never been able to get an answer. Has anyone ever had a problem with Bulb always estimating 0 use? My electric is fine and if I forget to make a reading one month then the estimate is always fairly reasonable but if I don’t submit a gas reading the estimate is always 0 meaning I get behind on how much I owe and have a bill for double the usage the following month.

I know I should remember to submit a reading but it’s not always possible to do it on the exact day and surely there must be some sense of average consumption after being a customer for a few years now.

When I’ve contacted Bulb they’ve said they’ll look in to but never get back to me or they say the meter must be faulty (which makes no sense to me, it’s not a smart meter and I don’t see how estimation calculations could be effected by a faulty meter)

Has anyone else experienced this and found a resolution?