Bulb and its email help

Hi All has anyone ever had an reply from Bulb after sending them a help email?
Does Bulb give out customer numbers?
Does Bulb send statements either Gas Electricity or Both?

Switched from OVO in April 2019 gave Bulb photographic evidence of both Gas and Electricity Readings at the time, both are from smart meters, have sent monthly readings and have had one visit from a contracted meter reader.
Have not been able to get a final notification statement from OVO as they say Bulb have not sent or verified the meter reading to the Utiligroup; this means I cannot get a final statement and any credit which remains in my OVO A/C.
Can see my usage online but no statement although I can also see my Bulb account credit.
Have sent quite a few emails asking the above questions no replies but had a phone call regarding my initial readings which I mixed up but rectified it by phone which they said they would fix.
I must say bit disappointed in the Bulb customer service, phone calls leave you hanging and they just seem to ignore emails.