Bulb App missing in Samsung Smartthings App

Hi. I’m trying to link my Samsung Galaxy S8 to my smart meter via the Samsung Smartthings app but the Bulb app is missing from the list. My Samsung account is registered in the UK but my phone was purchased in Dubai. Could this be the reason and if so is there any way around it? Thanks…

It may be an idea to contact Smart Things support as they will have a better idea of how the App works.

Just to check you are looking in the correct spot it should be on this page in the app.

There also used to be an older SmartThings app which it won’t be in.

This app is…

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Thanks. I’ve got the latest app but my options go from “Brunt” to “Centralite” with the “Bulb” app missing. I think it must be a regional / country problem but my Samsung Account is definitely registered as United Kingdom although the phone was purchased in Dubai.

Strange thing is I’ve got the Bulb Account App which I downloaded from the Play Store months ago and that is working perfectly. In the Bulb help section for Smartthings app under the heading Bulb Energy is not listed under “Add Device” it says: “SmartThings Energy Control is only available to users with a Samsung account registered in the UK. If you have a Samsung account from a different region, you can request to change your account at account.samsung.com” However my Samsung Account is registered in UK so I don’t know what the problem is.

I had the same issue, I think I originally registered a Samsung account on my TV and logging into the link above (Samsung Account) I could see I had an USA account for some reason. Had to delete my account and recreate it, but it’s now UK and I can see the Bulb brand in the SmartThings App.

@AddGee. I’ve checked my Samsung Account & it’s showing as UK. I too originally registered through a Samsung TV but that was purchased here in the UK. I’ll try deleting my current account & set up a new one, maybe that will work as per your suggestion. Many thanks …