Bulb app, no gas showing on it

I have a PAYG smart meter for both gas and electric. Been working great since January when installed. Same as the Bulb app and topping up on the app.
But since I last topped up Gas on the app on April 14th, I can no longer see the gas on there to top-up. I have uninstalled it, re installed app, turned smart ihd off and on again, put near meter but to no avail.
Bulb what is going on? For a large company, that promotes doing bills online, account online and topping up online which better than having plastic cards, you can’t get your app sorted!!!
I know O2 provide the Sims to put in the smart meter (engineer told me). Maybe, just mayby, find a better supplier of SIM for the meters while also paying for someone descent to sort out your app!!

Hi @joannehumphries1208 and welcome to the community :wave:

Apologies for this, it seems your gas meter had been switched back to credit mode when in fact it’s PAYG. I have amended this now for you so you should be able to see both electric and gas in your account.

Smart meter utilize the O2 network but they don’t run on O2 sim cards.

– Robyn :bulb:

I have the exact same problem.