bulb app stopped working on my iphone x

Greetings community,
so this is what actually happend ,it was working all fine and heres a thing, i had been
stalling the ios upgrade as it takes a lot of time to reboot and all but in this morning , i did the
update and i found some apps including bulb app stopped working. when i enter the
app i get random crashes , this has never happend before please guide me
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It sounds like you’d be better off asking on an iphone forum as it’s clearly not the Bulb app at fault.

I’d wipe the phone and restore it.


Yes, this sounds like an issue with the update or the phone if it is happening to more than one thing. Let us know if it still doesn’t work once everything is back in order.

I am happy to report that it really was a ios update related problem, now with ios 12 everything is back on track. Hope everyone has the same experience. Anyone facing problem please update to latest version first then report if the problem persists. Bloakda Newpipe

Yay! great to hear it’s all sorted then, and good to have a fix to hand if anyone else sees the same problem