Bulb app

Hey Bulb developers…just wondering if you know when your IOS app will be released publically? Also do you have beta trial and can I join it?

I love being able to quickly input meter readings into an app as per my previous provider.

PS a smartscan option to automatically read meters would be awesome and beyond other providers right now!

Hey @gocleansaysrob

Awesome that you’re looking forward to it. We’re really keen to do something amazing with our app, like automatically read the meter for you, which means it’s going to take a while to build and get ready. Right now we have other priorities that we’re working on like referrals and energy monitors. So the answer is it won’t be ready for a while. But I can definitely put you down as a beta tester for it. And we’ll keep you in the loop on it.

On the note of trials, we’re going to be starting our energy monitor trial soon, which will make the whole meter reading thing a lot easier too. Would you like to be on that trial?



Thanks Will…absolutely dude, sign me up. Looking forward to the app when it arrives :bee:

Excellent @gocleansaysrob I’ll make sure you’re sent one then :slight_smile:

Is it still possible to become a beta tester for the app? Many thanks

We haven’t got a beta version of the app yet @eljet, but I’ll make sure we give you a shout when we do.

Can I also join the list to be a part of the beta test when it’s running? New customer but think it looks fab.

Definitely @etphonehome. When we’re testing the app we’ll look you up and let you know.

@will Perfect, thanks. Am doing a round up to see how many people I can get to join bulb!

That’s what we like to hear! :slight_smile: Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you out with it.

@will I do have one question. I signed up for the community before I joined Bulb and used a different email. Is there a way i can set both my emails to the same?

Do you mean that you have a second community account? Because your email address for this community account is the same as the email address for your energy account with us, so they’re already linked.

If so, what is the name of that community account? I’ll then see what I can do. Feel free to send me a private message with it if you’d prefer.

Oh it’s changed! Must just have been a delay in the system. Thank you!

Ah it updates automatically if there is a difference once you log into the system with changes. So that’ll be what’s changed :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I too want to be able to be part of the Beta testing iOS app if thats possible!

I made an account here especially to comment. I’ve just switched to you from Scottish Power and their app was nice and easy to use to add meter readings etc. I’d rather be doing that than having to log in on my computer each time.

Hey @james_macintyre, we currently don’t have a running trial for the beta iOS app. We will have one closer to the middle of the year in preparation for our smart meter trial. We have made our browser as optimised as we can get it for mobile phones so for the mean time that would be the best way of entering readings on phones. If you would like, I can add you to the smart meter trial list so you can be kept updated on future progress.

Hi @si_han i’ve never had a smart meter before so i’m not even sure if theres a setup cost etc involved. That would be preferable though if it were to be something that is inexpensive or free to take my meter readings supposedly for me.

If testing this is free, sign me up. If not, let me know how much! :slight_smile:

On a side note. I love helping developers and communities create a better product. So if anything else like this comes up, let me know. I’ve not even been able to submit my first meter reading yet as i’m such a new customer, but I can already vision good things from Bulb!

@james_macintyre we’ll be rolling out smart meters in the future, I’ve added your name to our smart meter trial waiting list,

Thanks for the offer James, I’ve passed your email on to our technical guys.

@james_d Thank you!

Hi Team Bulb, I would love to be on the smart meter trial waiting list too if possible. And looking forward to an app at some point in the future…