Bulb App?

Have you any plans for a bulb App? For some reason your website doesn’t work for me when I login via chrome on my mobile. An app would be a much more convenient way to give readings. Either that or a smart meter :slight_smile: Thanks.

@Iain88 We’ve already got an iOS app on the App Store. Just search for “Bulb” and you should find.

Android app is still in development, probably around 3 months off release at this point.

Sometimes there can be issues with web browsers, so it may require clearing any temporary cache on your phone. Bit fiddly, but it may be the device trying storing incorrect information to log you in with.

Smart meters coming in June 2018, more news on that closer to the time!

Thanks for getting in touch,

Glad the Android app will soon be available. Thxs for the info.

I can’t find Bulb app on the App Store. I have it on Android.

I still can’t find the app in the App Store, I have just updated the iPad and still no sign???

@Suse, which version of iPad do you have? It should be compatible with anything but the first generation (if it’s up to date).
@Joe_127_, similar question, on what device are you trying to find it?


A few people have reported an issue with not being able to find it recently though so perhaps an update has caused it to disappear for some reason.

For reference for anyone else looking, the Android version is here:

@Joe_127_ , @Suse , @mowcius currently our iOS app is iPhone only. You can still find it in the App Store on an iPad by selecting ‘iPhone only’ in the filters next to the search field (Filter -> Supports -> iPhone only), but it won’t scale to the full size of the screen and we can’t guarantee it will function properly. We’re keeping an eye out for other iPad requests to help us prioritise supporting this device.