Bulb are a little late by all accounts



going bust then !!!

I am not implying that. I guess there are other reasons why annual reports are submitted late?

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yes most probs cause they have no money left in the kitty

Lots of reasons why AA’s can be filed late, some companies file theirs months ahead of the due date which doesn’t mean they are performing exceptionally well either

They must have completed their accounts months ago. They haven’t filed accounts because they don’t want people to see them. (Can’t think of any other reason).

Draw your own conclusions from that.

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They were late last year. and the year before that.

Yes that’s true. I wonder why they have such trouble filing on time?

Interesting study by Which magazine. Time taken to answer the phone. Oh dear…

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Better than Scottish Power!! That’s probably the benchmark that all suppliers aim towards :upside_down_face:

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I’d be interested to see that for insurance providers. I called Axa car insurance and was waiting 1 hour 40 minutes before somebody finally answered the call last week!

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Not surprised to see Octopus and So.Energy so low, both have responded to emails and answered calls very quickly.

With that said the majority of times I called Bulb I used their call back service, so while it did take between 20 - 50min for them to get back, I did not stay on hold that long. Bulbs email inbox on the other hand…


That’s why I use an agent for house & car insurance. Worth the £12 per policy as they have usually reduced the price each year by at least that. They act as a better i/f than the web.

It’s done! The accounts have been filed! pdf is not available yet though. The recently blogged ‘annual update for members’ gives the headline figures.

turnover. 10milion -> 183 million -> 823million. wow!


And given £3 million to Charity! I’m impressed.

The losses are staggering, so no wonder they haven’t reduced prices, but as they say, it’s all part of the plan.

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Am I misreading something here??

In their blog post they state that their Net LOSS has gone from £28 million to £129 million in the year!!! They then state that this is “Part of their plan!!!”

Blimey… I can’t quite believe what I’m reading here!!! :astonished:

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Yes, it does seem like a lot, but they’ve paid out a lot for new customers in referrals, and if they can make the customers stick, despite the higher tariff, they’ll make it back.

Don’t forget Shell paid £150 million for First Utility and Bulb are twice as big…

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Exactly… Given Bulb’s devastating lack of profitability, the only Master Plan that would make any sense to me would be to sell out to the highest bidder… Hayden could make a fortune!

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Well that would be my plan!

Isn’t that how it works these days? Start a tech company, hype it up ignoring actual performance until you get bought by Google for USD$1B and cash out.

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I’d like to think they won’t sell, and they have stated that that’s not why they set the company up.

I was just pointing out that in theory the business is worth a lot, and so they shouldn’t have trouble raising cash to carry on.

I like the Bulb one price principle. Imagine if Tescos charged 20p for a can of Beans to existing customers and 10p to new ones!