Bulb are actually not bad

Just moved over to Bulb from the utterly atrocious Scottish Power

Believe me if you have ever been with SP you would never complain about BUlb
Bulb shine like a diamond in the coal compared to Scottish Powers dreadful customer service.

So prices increase - live with it, its part of the game and once you have experienced SP customer service you will love Bulb believe me!

Bulb website is simple works well and has a nice design - Scottish power doesnt work properly is badly designed and has the worst backend support team

And I used to work for Scottish Power as an engineer on the road in the IT dept and as part of the Iberdrola Novell Netware migration and it was an utter disaster its why SP is the worst energy provider even British Gas and BT cannot match their incompetence and couldnt care less attitude to the customer - took them 5 years to fix my broken meter in which time i had free leccie saving me over £15,000 and they only fixed it when i took them to the Watchdog tv programme and Martin Lewisd Resolver website!

BULB are great so far so why all the moaning!

I’ve just been shunted onto Scottish Power, under OFGEM’s safety net rules for when a supplier goes belly-up (Yorkshire Energy in this instance). They’ve not yet managed to give me any details of the tariff they’re putting me on, and the prominently placed link on their company website that says “Welcome to Yorkshire Energy customers” (or similar) doesn’t connect through to anything useful either.

I expect to be looking to switch away from SP as quickly as possible (assuming the tariff I get is as rubbish as I anticipate), but am not entirely sure where I will be heading.

I’m sure blub would welcome you back with open arms and unholy glee.
You coud check out Green.(the one based in Newcastle) their “OAK” tariff is pretty competitive if you just want leccy and gas without extras