Bulb are grossly over estimating my annual gas usage

Hi my annual gas usage is being estimated by Bulb as 47452 kWh and so their direct debit has increased from £170 to £468. I have managed to reduce this to £421 via the app but this is the lowest they will allow as they say I am using £442 per month, even though I’m not. I have submitted this to them via the website and email but have had no response.
According to their figures, I am using over 5kWh 24 hours a day ! I have gone through the bills for the last 12 months and my actual annual gas usage is 13373 kWh.
I’m expecting a knock on the door any time from the police to investigate whether I’ve got a cannabis farm. :grinning:
Is anybody else having this problem.

Hello @shaunc48 Thanks for your post.

It seems we have incorrect information regarding your gas consumption, we will need to update the industry with this.

I am unable to get your account up from the email you have so will email you directly so we can discuss this further once you confirm your details there.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl

Thanks for the response.
This has been dealt with by your colleague Nerushka and my direct debit is now at an appropriate amount.
I do believe you may have a problem in your systems with the way projected gas consumption is calculated.
Looking back on my bills, it was OK on the April 2021 bill at 17460 kWh but then the May 2021 (and subsequent) bill jumped to 47022 kWh, nearly 3 times as much.

I think this is a common problem with BULB predicted usage calculations. Whatever they are using eg an algorithm of some sort, it does not work very well and tends to greatly exaggerate in BULB’s favour. Before you know where you are there is a very large credit building up and at the same time they hang onto your direct debit payment in a “pending” state for days when in fact the payment has left your bank account and is sitting in theirs!