Bulb are NOT listening now that I'm a customer

Please explain why, when I have a credit of £120, you have increased my DD from £10 per month to £15? And why, when I just tried to lower it again the system now says my minimum payment must be at least £26/ month?

This is totally unacceptable - I am a single mother on Universal credit so the maximum I can pay is £5/month until my credit of £120 has been used up.

Secondly why am I still waiting for a smart meter to be installed for my electricity? I was compensated for the last contractor saga who couldn’t be bothered to install and drove off and my meter is still faulty. Several times I have raised this on Chat Bot and also to one of your employees who came into my flat. He guided me to the web link to add myself to the waiting list but still I’ve heard absolutely nothing.

Since nobody can take a meter reading for my electricity I cannot be charged.

Please get back to me on reducing my DD payments and set an appointment on smart meter installation.

Anna Lamont

Can I ask, what is the issue with the existing faulty meter?

Are you reading the meter yourself regularly, and submitting the results via your Bulb account (or the Bulb app on a smartphone)?

If Bulb are not receiving regular meter readings, they will be [probably over-]estimating your usage. It’s likely that this is why they’re wanting to up your payments.

Screen is blank and prepayment thing not working

Hi @Alamona, firstly welcome to the Bulb community :raised_hands:

I can see that you spoke to my colleague Myles today on chat and that he has raised a complaint for the issue of your Direct Debit amount and explained this for you there. I would recommend getting back to him there, as he’ll be dealing for this complaint for you and it’s best to keep this altogether in one place.

With regard to your smart meter installation, I’m sorry that we didn’t conduct your initial smart meter when it was initially booked, but I’m going to send you an email this afternoon so we can look into getting this booked back in for you.