Bulb are not paying me back for inaccurate estimates

Bulb’s usage estimates are really bad, and they are not paying me back the money they have overcharged me.

My May 6 estimate was 56234, and my June 6 estimate 56718. Despite supplying a read on June 7 of 56506, my June bill was still based on the two estimated readings. The July 6 estimate was just as bad at 56904! My actual meter reading is 56651, so I have been charged around £46 for electricity I’ve never used!

I’ve told Bulb repeatedly my electical bills are high in the winter as I have electric central heating (I barely use any gas all year round) but they based estimates on a yearly average. This is not on! My electricity bill for June should have been around £33, but they still expect me to pay a £125 monthly payment!

Is there any other industry where companies can get away with charging you for resources you’ve not used based on figures they seemingly pluck out of the sky?


Hi @PeterA

Your bills are up to the 6th of each month, so we would need meter readings on the 4th/5th of the month to avoid estimates. Your latest reading was on the 9th and prior to that on the 7th, so was after the billing date but will be taken into account for the next period (6th of July - 5th of August etc).

We do reimburse where we have overestimated, but if the reading is in the middle of the period as yours are at the moment it’s taken into account inbetween estimates so you might not think you’re getting it back but we do always credit back if an estimate is higher than the next reading.

If you’d like we can remove the estimates and reversion the bills as a consolidated period without the overestimations?

The reason your estimates are currently running a bit higher than you expect is likely because in March we received a reading that was 1692 units higher than the estimate. This told our system we were underestimating your use so it increased. The more regular readings we get the better the estimates become. I recommend giving them 1-2 days before your billing date to ensure actual reads are used.

Your monthly DD has been suggested to be increased as the account is in debt at the moment. You currently use about £111 of elec a month based on the information we have, so for a while the payments were a bit lower than this which caused the debit. With more readings and us seeing the use get lower, this debt will clear and you can lower the payments down.

– H :bulb:


With my actual readings (and not Bulb’s curiously inaccurate ones) finally clawing back the money I had been over-charged, my balance dropped from -£106.62 to -£32.87 in a month. That’s over £70!

You’d think this would mean I could descrease my payments. But no, I got an email saying they were going to INCREASE THEM TO £133.68!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Well, guess what, Bulb. In July I’m going to use about the same amount of electricity in June. So, my account is going to probably £40 in credit! Yet, you still want to INCREASE MY PAYMENTS!!

I’ll say this again (and I am tired of saying this) - my electricity use is SEASONAL. In winter I use electricity (heating) but summer, I don’t, yet you seem to want to base my payments all year round on winter estimates, hence the estimates are still wildly inaccurate.

How about you charge for the electricity I actually use and not your ‘pie in the sky’ estimates?

Doesn’t matter anyhow, I am sick of this and am changing to a different supplier.

Hi @PeterA, I’m sorry you’re having issues again with overestimated usage.

Your electricity meterpoint has an associated value known as Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC). This is the estimated energy the meterpoint will use in a year, reported in kWh. From your June and July readings, it like yours was slightly higher than it should have been, which resulted in high estimates. I have got this updated for you now, so now if we do have to use estimates they will be more in line with your actual usage.

This has reduced your suggested monthly payment amount to £120.31, or you can reduce it by 10% which would be £108.28. Does this amount seem more manageable to you?

All the best,