Bulb are really, really POOR

Am I the only person that finds Bulb completely incompetent ? we spent 6months last year trying to get our billing right, in Jan they fitted a “smart” meter, I though that would do it (silly me) Bulb smart meters do not work, it has not worked yet, I am still submitting manual meter readings and Bulb are STILL getting our billing completely wrong is anyone else experiencing this incompetence, after all supplying electricity is what they say they do, so it should not be that hard for them to do their job, I am not asking them to do something different or difficult

You are not alone there are many posts on here re smart meter issues, but to be fair it is an industry problem.
It would certainly help if Bulb communicated better with their customers which just adds to the problem.
So glad to still have a normal meter.

Bulb’s issues are much deeper than smart meters, they are incapable of processing manual (customer) meter readings that I provide them, this persisted continually between Jun - Oct 2019 and despite me submitting a meter reading on line on 4th March today they have issued an invoice that refers to the wrong period and the wrong meter readings

I feel totally let down by their appalling customer service (or lack thereof), have lost my prepay card and they have no way of contacting them over the weekend, and then have an appalling 3-5 days deliver time for the new card. I’m pregnant and disabled and feel totally abandoned and disrespected by their clear lack of regard for the experience of their customers.

How are you submitting your readings

via my account > submit meter reading