Bulb are really trying their best

At this stage & after taking a serious look at changing, ive decided to stay with bulb this winter. i can get a tad cheaper however its fixed rate for 12 months, and who knows whats round the corner, so im going to gamble with vari fair and hope bulb lower elec again to where the big six are at. for me only BG was cheaper, i tired all sorts of comparing sites with no joy. i will say this though 90% of the smaller company’s all want a month up front at all times. apart from the big six, they seem to be happy to be on DB and top up rest.

So in short give them a chance, as in my humble view they really do value there customers.

thats my 2ps worth.

I hope others are more forgiving before jumping ship.

There are still working on my IHD problem & Gas smart meter install, & to be fair have been communicating with me regarding the increase of DD to which we have agreed a figure.

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British Gas came up cheapest for me too, but I personally wouldn’t switch to them.
Someone else suggested Avro energy - they didn’t show on comparison sites for me, but doing a quote direct with them suggested about £70 saving a year.
I haven’t switched yet (just haven’t got round to it) so can’t personally vouch for that company.

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Hi @richard.evans.home60,

I’m really happy we could change your outlook on Bulb.

We do hope that wholesale electricity prices do drop once again so we can pass those savings onto you, we really do keep this in our best interests as it is one of our core missions.

I sent you a reply to your email by the way I’m not sure if you have received it. In regards to your meter job I’m just waiting for a response from Siemens for confirmation that the job has been booked in :slight_smile:

Thanks Trevor, I just sent the images again.

I think it come up on MSE search, but then again once i put in im with bulb, most searches come back with either 1 year or 2 year fixed deals, or smaller companies, it seems we are almost on the best tariff already in my area with bulb. i still say its a minefield out there, and the problem alot of us chatting forget is different postcodes pay different amounts. i pay high in the east however someone further up the country could be paying 5p less a KWH. tbh i never knew that.

Yes that’s true, about regional price differences. So many people recommend octopus but they’re considerably more expensive than most other companies in my area.

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What’s wrong with your gas meter install? Left not commissioned and not connected to the network?

mines not installed yet, me electric one is, just gas and getting it all tied together, TBH i had meters installed at my 2 last properties and both was not smooth, once in as long as the readings are automated & they tell me straight away when not and i have to read them, im happy to plod along till all working, as once working they are great & helps to remind me to switch things off.

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Ok but some people have been waiting for over a year with meters that can’t be read automatically or showing on the display so please bear that in mind.


yes i have read that, im happy reading them, i like to be in control as much as possible, my IHD is dumb but they do get the daily readings so i can see usage on app & website, so its getting there, yes i had same issue with BG 3 missed appointments, & all the same sort of issues. at least when arranged with buld happened first time, with all this covid too Its more about price and cost for me, and i have looked around best i can get is BG fixed or small unknown too risky a company. maybe im too wary though. Bulb communicate, for me that is very important as you feel like not just a number. & to be Vari Fair they keep this group going & with the outrage have kept it open for all to see view, which is actually a good thing.

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I Have got the install date great, i also re sent the meter and IHD images, im not sure if your getting them, as im attaching them each time & can see them sent in outbox.

Any email system I’ve seen has an Outbox and a Sent folder.
If an email is in the Outbox it’s ready to send, and should appear in the Sent folder if it’s actually been sent.

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ok in sent folder then, my ready to send appear as drafts,

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Ah, OK, thanks for clarification.

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No they are not! On the contrary they are ignoring customers with genuine issues with their smart meters!


They are trying(very)


Hi @Vip, I’ve been in touch with Pete who is dealing with your complaint, who has confirmed that he’ll be back in touch with you this week regarding your case :+1:

I’m not getting a reply to my complaint because the person is on holiday. They have been for ages and apparently no one else can do anything while they are away. Not a very good system then.


Bulb are trying so hard they’ve ignored all my comms they’ve asked me to send and won’t take the money for my last month. Excellent customer service that.

Just as I suspected and expected - Pete has not called me. I have sent 3 emails no repsonse.


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