Bulb arranged a Smart Meter installation for me in June - end of August bills still estimated

Despite our Smart Meter having been installed on 18th June our usage is still estimated. Shouldn’t the meter be sending the usage information to Bulb by now?

I submitted both gas and electricity readings on the day of the installation so that there was a reference point as regards usage. Now that I have tried to submit readings from the new Smart Meter they don’t seem to be accepted as they vary so greatly from the readings taken from the old meters. If the Smart Meter is not sending the information to Bulb and Bulb won’t accept the readings I submit from the Smart Meter currently there doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid our usage being estimated. I have tried calling Bulb but there seems to be at least a 10 minute wait to be answered. Apart from this ‘Community’ there doesn’t seem to be any other way to contact the company. Considering that I have been paying pretty much double for my gas and electricity in the time that I have been with Bulb (compared to my previous supplier) I’m not a very happy customer.

I have exactly the same problem. Bulb appear inapable of communication in any form apart from automated emails. I can only assume the person who used to read my meters has not been re-assigned to their customer contact centre.