Bulb at new address


I am moving home. I thought it was tomorrow but its pushed back till the 12th.

I have been able to change my cut off date at current address fine.

I tried to get bulb at my new address however, which I had an email saying it was all set to switch over on the 6th. Now I see no reference to that in my account. In fact I never have.

Do I have a different account for the different address or something? Getting generic messages like ‘we are sad to see you go’ when I would like to stay just at a different address is confusing also.

How can I check and change when my new home will switch to Bulb? Or if that is even still due to happen?


Hi @iainrmcdonald, thanks for posting and for choosing Bulb for your new property too!

I’ve requested that we merge your accounts, so that you can see both the new property (where the sign up is going ahead as expected) and where you’re moving out of, in a drop-down on your account :+1:t2:

Lou :stars:

Thanks Lou, am I able to change the ‘turn on’ date in the new property to the 12th too?

Hey @iainrmcdonald,

Unfortunately the only way to do that would be to cancel the whole switch altogether and reapply. It’ll just mean that whoever is responsible for the property from 6/2-12/2 will have to pay the bill. Let me know if you wanna discuss this further and I can pop you an email.


Hey, yes if you could pop me an email that would be great. Think we’ll need to cancel and just change over once we are in the new place. I don’t think we can change the supplier of the new house if we don’t legally own it yet. We own it and move from the 12th. Thanks!