@Bulb - billing query

Please Bulb could you help me with this:

My monthly payments are currently £133.49 - you made me raise them last month.
My monthly usage is £123.49 (ie. LESS than my monthly payments).
Why are you asking me to raise my monthly payments AGAIN this time to £172.96 when my monthly usage is £123.48 (and less than my monthly payments). I’m also bearing in mind that we are now at the END OF WINTER and my usage is going to falling rather than going up.

Please explain!!!

I’m not a Bulb team member so just some observatuion on my part.

It does appear that in June/July 2020 you had similar sort of problems and at that time you were moving enrgy suppliers away from Bulb, did that not materialise?

How do you arrive at your monthly usage is that from your or Bulb’s calculations ?

Are your statements based on actual monthly meter readings or estimated readings?

Monthly usage is based on Bulb’s calculations.
Statements are based on actual readings.
If I had already moved away from Bulb then why would I be questioning current account problems.

Oops just checked again it was another individual who was going to leave Bulb, it was in the same thread as the one where you were commenting on your payments, sorry about that.

Is your account currently in debit or credit, if the former then perhaps this is why Bulb are increasing your payments?

Did you leave Bulb in January 2020??

Yes, I have mentioned this on a number of occasions in this Forum.

I joined another supplier who was cheaper than Bulb and had the same green credentials. Absolutely no problems during my time with Bulb and my DD payments matched my own calculations of average monthly usage. There were never any surprises about any hike in my DD during my time with Bulb.

Hi Holly,

I have just taken a look into your account and I do see why our systems suggested a payment amount increase.

I’ve just popped you an email so we can discuss this privately for GDPR :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Trevor - your email hasn’t come through