Bulb broke into my house

Where does this company get the balls to go into someone’s home change every lock and post new keys through the letter box when there’s no possible way to access them…
Oh yeah the ****ing meter is OUTSIDE!!!

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If that were truly the case, then it is the police you should be contacting, not a forum posting.


I’ll be calling my solicitor first thing.
I’m 100% sure it’s illegal to lock a person out of their own home.

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This sounds very strange indeed - I doubt it was Bulb themselves, but probably Morrison Data Services who do reads on their behalf. Did they leave a card or details at all?

Utility companies (and their agents such as MDS) can apply to the magistrates court for a warrant to enter premises to install/change meters (such as from credit to pre-pay) or to suspend supply - but you should have received at least 2 days notice of this (and, with the meters outside, I can’t see how this was relevant). The only condition I’m aware of where they can forcible enter without a warrant is in the case of public safety - such as a gas leak from your property.

I know there are cases (I’m looking at a Guardian article from 2008) where there have been mistakes made - such as the utility provider (British Gas in this case) being incorrect about outstanding bills and it is possible that a neighbour, or someone with a similar address, was down for an “forcible entry” visit and the locksmith etc got the address wrong (but their paper work said the meter was inside as different address).

In the case of forced entry, the party involved does have a legal obligation to make the property secure afterwards (you don’t want to leave the door wide open: but a good experienced locksmith - which may be more expensive - should have been able to pick the lock without forcing it needing replacement) - so I can understand the lock change and if they had no way of contacting the property holder… It’s stupid, but at least it’s better than a forced police entry I’ve seen recently (wrong address) where they just put up a piece of plywood over the battered door (in the US).

I would recommend taking any photos of the door, keep receipts/paperwork provided, keep documents of times emails, called etc and any time off work to do so, contact Bulb - in writing by email and possibly registered post - and then contact Citizens Advice Bureau (as it’ll be cheaper than a solicitor). I believe utility companies will have a compensation type scheme in place - especially if it’s the wrong address - so full legal redress probably won’t be necessary.


There is no gas at the property, there is no need to enter the property as the meters to all the properties in this area are all located outside the property. The only reason is to cause the most inconvenience to the home owner as to enter a property you only need to access one door why change the locks on back and front doors? this is 100% to stop the owner from accessing their home. My understanding on this is, to prevent someone from accessing their home is unlawful.
Stuck outside the house for hours trying to find the £100 needed to get a locksmith here. It’s absolutely shocking to treat your customer this way.

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Hi @stephen2,

We cannot discuss specific of this case with you on this forum - however we’ll be in touch with you directly to look in to the detail of your complaint

– Daisy :bulb: