Bulb Bulletin: April 2020 🌸

Here it is: our first monthly bulletin. And what a month it’s been. We, like everyone here, have migrated to working from home, while still maintaining great service and creating interesting new conversations with you on Community. Check out some of our highlights from around the Bulb universe.

What happened this month

  • We created a specific help page for members looking for support during coronavirus (Covid-19). We know this is a difficult and uncertain time and we’re doing everything we can to give you the best possible support. It’s been great to see the Bulb community come together and swap tales too, keep the tips coming.

  • Also, while you’re at home, now might be a good time to submit a meter reading - do check out the lock-down to-do list we made and feel free to add any suggestions below

  • We welcomed 9,000 new members from GnERGY and are excited to be supplying them with green energy. A big ‘Hello’ if you’ve joined us this way - make yourself known below.

  • We also have an update for you on our Carbon Neutral Gas. This year we offset the emissions from the gas we supplied by supporting carbon-reduction projects around the world. Plus 4% of our gas came from renewable sources like food or farm waste.**

  • We ran our first Community Q&A with Chris from the Smart Data team. Where you asked him about everything from half hourly data to why he was inspired to join Bulb.

  • We announced a price change which went live on the 1st! :tada: Bulb is now 18% cheaper than standard Big Six deals for a typical home, as defined by Ofgem, the energy regulator. That’s an annual saving of £210. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

  • Since we’ve started working from home our CEO Hayden published a blog post to update everyone on how Bulb is coping with the coronavirus outbreak, while making sure we can still support you: ‘Our priorities are the same as ever; our members, our team and our mission.’

Some things to expect next month

  • First and foremost, expect fortnightly Q&As on Community from the best and brightest at Bulb. If there’s any part of Bulb you’re particularly interested in, let us know!

  • The Solar team launched Export Payments, a fixed rate tariff to pay those exporting energy to the grid. Payments are being made this month. :tada: The Solar team is excited to see the benefits of export being reaped.

  • Last month Mark and Shaunagh from Team Bulb visited a carbon offsetting project we support in the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone to understand how things work on the ground. We’ll be sharing some content soon to explain how the project helps to lower carbon emissions.

  • The Prepay team will be introducing Smart pay as you go meters! Watch this space.


I have a SMETS 2 meter why should I have to send a reading? I thought the whole point of smart meters was sending in readings was no longer needed? Or is that Bulb can’t cope?

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Hi @IM35461 I have replied to you on your post Why has my SMETS 2 meter stopped working?