🌻 Bulb Bulletin: August 2021 🌻

Bulb Bulletin: August 2021

Hi all,

I hope you’re all doing well. In July, we had 188 new posts and 511 comments. We also welcomed 117 new contributors to the community :relaxed:

Here’s what happened in July:

And coming up in August:

  • I’ve shared a post about the Priority Services Register. You may be entitled to extra support so it’s worth having a look.
  • We’ll be posting about how estimated readings work - look out for that from @daisy_at_bulb.
  • Heat pump conversation will be continuing as @cara_at_bulb will be posting a PPA, generator, hydrogen map soon.
  • Look out for a post on sustainability in the office from daisy_at_bulb as well :green_heart: