🏂 Bulb Bulletin: February 2021 🏂

Hi all,

January was busy. We had over 1k new posts and 238 new contributors, the most for a month in the past year, while key areas of discussion were the Warm Home Discount and Smart. Here’s a run through of what’s been going on in the Bulb sphere:

  • Smart Energy GB’s @Rob_at_Smart_Energy did a guest Q&A with community members. We discussed the future of export payments back to the grid and how smart meters can have a positive impact on emissions. Thanks to all those who took part.
  • We celebrated Citizens Advice energy saving month with some of our favourite energy saving tips from the past year.
  • We launched our ‘Finding the Green One’ campaign. To show why being environmentally friendly makes you more attractive - which is great news for Bulb members. If you want to wear your environmental intentions on your sleeve make sure to check out our limited edition Tees.

Tee Mill

  • Following an observant member on twitter pointing out the carbon impact of our emails and the images we use we did some maths to show how we’re reducing the impact and why we’re keeping the images.

So what do we have in store for February?

  • We have our annual impact report illustrating how much carbon emissions you’ve saved in the last year by being with us. 2020 showed your impact in dinosaurs - this year will be in animals of the gola rainforest. Have you saved ten pangolins or thirty pygmy hippopotamus and what does that actually equate to in CO2?
  • More Q&As from around the Bulb universe. Are there any you’d like to see? Request the areas you want to discuss and we can make it happen. Can be external to Bulb too.
  • We’ll be launching our first energy saving tips on Instagram reels. We’re looking to include member entries so drop ideas below that you’d like to see included.