🌞 Bulb Bulletin: July 2020 🌞

Hi everyone,

We’ve had another busy month in the community with 136 threads and 731 comments, so to all who participated, thank you. Here’s the round-up of what’s been happening over the past month:

And we’ve got some exciting things lined up for July too:

  • Bulb Foundation shared some great tips on how to get involved in London Climate Action Week. 1st-3rd July

  • Our resident Illustrator and the genius behind all the Bulb Illustrations you’ve seen will be doing a social media takeover next week. With a thread in the community to feature too. :art::woman_artist:

  • We’ll be launching our Gola Colouring Competition and encouraging members to get involved in colouring in animals from a Hyrax to a Galago.

  • Some more on Smart Prepay…

If there’s anything you want to see more of please put forward suggestions and we’ll see about making them happen.

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