🎾 Bulb Bulletin: July 2021 🎾

Hi all,

Welcome to the July bulletin! We had all four seasons in the past month, here’s hoping for a bit of sustained sun!

As always it’s been great to see all the discussions happening in the community. In June, we had 612 new posts and 103 new topics. We also welcomed 99 new contributors to the community! :wave:

Here’s your June community round-up:

And coming up in July:

  • We’ll be talking a bit more about the Warm Home Discount as we allow members to register their interest for Winter 21/22.
  • After spending June talking with members about heat-pumps we’ll be sharing our learnings in a blog post. Please do keep the feedback coming - few people know what they are or how to get them.
  • Bulb is continuing to build our community of tech businesses working towards net 0 as part of the Tech Nation movement. Expect lots more news about that.
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