🌄 Bulb Bulletin: March 2021 🌄

Hi all,

This is our 12th installment of the community bulletin which means it’s been a whole year of chronicalled activity. :date:

Last month we had 168 new threads and 891 comments. And in a month of milestones we also welcomed 270 new contributors, taking us past the 10k mark for community members. Here’s what went down in Feb:

For the month of March:

  • It’s B Corp Month so we’ll be looking at what it means to be a better business over the course of March. You can see our guide on it in this link. :pray:t3:

  • We’ll be launching some new products… :robot:

  • Samsung will be dropping into the community for a Q&A on Smartthings :nerd_face:

  • We’ll be looking at how to spring-clean your Bulb account. :seedling:

Have a great March :wave:

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On the surface they are big numbers but have you bothered to see how many ot the 168 threads and 891 comments were complaints and how many of new 270 “contributors” signed up because they have problems with their Bulb accounts or your customer service?

I’m guessing not.

FYI I still have a ongoing problem that still hasn’t been addressed. Just saying.

Hi @Bulberino,

We did take into account all threads, including complaint threads. We love to absorb all feedback, no matter whether it is positive or negative.

I’m sorry to see that your issue hasn’t been resolved yet. I am just sending you an email now so I can look into this right away for you.

@Trevor_at_Bulb Love to absorb…

How about actually taking meaningful and timely action.

Surely better to be praised for doing something, than customers moaning about the lack of anything…

Send me an email with how Bulb intend to close my complaint.


I’m really sorry that your complaint has run on. I’ve spoken to the agent handling your case and you should hear from us today.

@Bulberino we do work to the best of our abilities in the community team even though this isn’t a central customer service channel. As Trevor says we take on feedback in all it’s forms and are very open to how we can improve. We do also share positive moments that happen in Bulb’s community too. I’m glad that Trevor is now looking at your case for you.

@Oisin_at_Bulb not sure what a “promoter” means @Bulb but you are not promoting getting stuff done.

No one called, or emailed, faxed, IM, DM, facetime, team chat, zoomed, whatsapped, texted, telexed or sent a pigeon to me.

If it was via morse code from an illuminated source, then you need to change the Bulb.

Not sure why I really expected any different.

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Hi @Phytone3d,

I can see you have a phone call arranged with a manager today, so I’ll ensure that gets done and hopefully your issue can get resolved there.