🐣 Bulb Bulletin: May 2020 🐣

Hi everyone,

Welcome to May’s Bulletin. Like you, we’re still social distancing in our local communities. But that’s not to say it hasn’t been an eventful couple of weeks in the Bulb Community. Here’s a few things that’ve been going down this month:

Many of our members used our template to post their own Desert Isolation Discs, and we got some great tunes to add to our playlists.

We’re also really looking forward to what we have planned for May.

  • To give you a sneak peek, we’ll be having a Q&A with our Carbon Calculator team this week.

  • There will also be a blog post about mental health from our People team.

  • Finally, we really value your feedback – we’d love to know the type of content you want to see more of on Community. Together we can grow something very special.

Got any highlights from your month? Let us know below Backhand Index Pointing Down on Twitter

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