🌼 Bulb Bulletin: May 2021 🌼

That’s another month on the Bulb Community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed – It’s great to see our members sharing energy-saving advice. :smile: :seedling:

In April, we had 715 new posts and 116 new topics. We also welcomed 596 new contributors to the Community.

Here’s your April Community round-up:

Some energy news from April:

Coming up in May:

  • We’ll be discussing developments in solar and wind energy :sun_with_face:

  • We’re changing our export tariff rate, meaning that members will get paid more for every unit of electricity that they export. Payments will be made every 6 months, instead of every 3 months.

  • We’ll be posting some discussions for our EV members :oncoming_automobile:

  • We’re providing a guide on understanding your energy bill with illustrated examples :page_facing_up:


Interested to see what you have on wind power! i know another provider has recently been buying wind turbines for themselves, I wonder if bulb could do this and make one looks like your great illustrators create! Not everywhere, but I think the occasional bulb wind turbine would be great to see.

Glad to see you supporting people with solar and giving people an actual reason to install solar

The introduction of you EV tariff should be good and may allow some Ex members to look at bulb as an option again. Will also be good in this time where you can tweak the tariff based on the input you get

Hopefully your new illustrations will help people understand what different parts of there bill mean and weather its estimated or actual.

Great stuff.

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Hi @izzyhunt :wave:

Thank you for your enthusiasm on the community, it is great to see people engaged in what is going on here.

Yes, renewable generation is an interesting topic, that would be great to see!

We love discussing solar and how our members can benefit from this :sun_with_face: the launch of the EV tariff is going to be exciting :partying_face:

Have a great May :sunflower: