🍂 Bulb Bulletin: September 2020 🍂

Hi everyone,

What a summer it has been! As we move into the Autumn, things are still as busy as ever here at Bulb. Thanks again to everyone who has been contributing here on Bulb community, we really appreciate it as always! Without further ado, let’s dive in :diving_mask:

What’s been happening this past month:

What we’ve got to come in September:

  • Some more very exciting information on Smart Pay as You Go.

  • Updates on Community and the blog on everything smart and where we’re at with it.

  • We’ll be giving our bi-annual diversity update.

  • Our platform engineering team will be giving the low-down on what they’ve been up to.

All the best, until next time!

Lou :stars:


Looking forward to see updates on community! Great to see that Smart PAYG is soon to become a thing, as I’m sure it will help lots if they have a local lockdown and can’t go down the shop to top up.