🌤️Bulb Bulletin: September 2021🌤️

Hi all,

I hope you’re all doing well. In August, we had 138 new posts and 570 comments. We also welcomed 94 new contributors to the community :relaxed:

Here’s what happened in August:

And coming up in September:

  • @cara_at_bulb will be giving us an introduction to hydrogen fuel, looking at grey, green and blue production.
  • #WorldEVDay was on the the 9th of September and you now have the opportunity to trial a beta EV tariff with 4 hours of super low-cost electricity every night! (if you have a second generation smart meter.)
  • @lou_at_Bulb will be talking about ‘What it’s been like to work remotely’ as we return to the office.
  • Top Trumps are back from @holly_at_Bulb , this month is taking a look at hydrogen biomass and geothermal.
  • Look out for part 3 of sustainability in the office from @daisy_at_bulb :sun_behind_small_cloud: :sun_behind_small_cloud: