Bulb cant find grant payment

I was really lucky to have had a grant towards my electricity due to debt from an energy chatity. Payment was made to both my electric account and my gas supplier (which is different because we are off grid for gas).
Its quite a substantial payment which will get us out of debt with both, and I am so grateful, because really, the debt was absolutely soul destroying.
Payment was made to both on 24th Feb. Gas received payment almost immedietly and my gas account credited by 28th Feb.
I checked with Bulb and they cant seem to find the payment!
Ive been in touch with their team by email, shared the account details of the grant payer, shared the correspondence ive had from the grant payer saying which account details to look for, theyve confirmed the account number etc…but after me asking about it nearly 2 weeks ago now, they still cant find it.
And now ive had an email this morning saying they will charge me £15 for non payment :disappointed_relieved:
Im really stressing about this, as it is a lot of money and will genuinely change the way the rest of my year goes.
Anyone else had such an issue with a payment not being found?

Hi @bletheringboys

Thank you for your post and welcome to community.

I can see the payment has been allocated to your account, sorry for the delay on this.

I can also see the £15 charge has been void.

Is there anything else you wanted to discuss on your account?

E :bulb: