Bulb CEO address?

It is often said that, if problems aren’t resolved, one should write to the CEO. Given that Bulb is in special administration, is there are CEO email address to write to.

I have a problem that has been ongoing for over two years. I am sure that the customer service team have made attmepts to solve it, but given that they have failed, I think I need to discuss matters with senior management.

The issue is that my block of flats was built only a few years ago. As is common with new builds, the flat number (postal address) is different from the plot number, and Eon, who installed the electricity meters, wrongly associated the meter serial number with an MPAN listed on the national database according to the flat number.

This applies to all the flats in my block, and our management has tried to get the confusion cleared up. For most of the residents this has been easy, as they stayed with Eon. However, I moved to Bulb, and it seems that our management’s attempts to get Eon and Bulb to sort things out has failed. In fact it has got worse, as Eon has now managed to get my meter associated with the correct flat number without it being removed from the wrong number. So now my meter belongs to two MPANs, which is causing me some trouble.

I had left things to our management until recently, but am now in touch with a senior team member at Eon. She currently reckons that, once some short-term issues are sorted out, I will have to liaise with Bulb to get things properly settled.

Given that our management’s attempts to liaise with Eon and Bulb have got nowhere over two years, I think I need to try to get Bulb’s senior management involved.

Bulb’s standard customer service have been courteous and helpful, but I just do not feel they are capable of solving the issue.

Hi @danco,

I had a similar problem back in 2015 in our new build when I switched from Scottish Power to SSE.

I would suggest emailing complaints @ bulb .co .uk with your complaint and include the following:

  • A photo of the meter (ideally showing the meter number/serial number)
  • The meter number/serial number (as shown on the meter - just in case it isn’t clear on the photo). Ideally with a photo of any property “handover” documentation showing this (or previous bill from Eon)
  • The “owner of the meter” (if it is shown on the physical meter)
  • The supply number (S…) number
  • Your full postal address
  • The MPANs which should NOT be associated with your address

They should then be able to rectify the national database through the “DFlow” system at “ECOES”.

Yes, it appears a lot of information but unfortunately your supplier (Bulb) will need all that to help “convince” ECOES (who maintains the database) that there was a mistake made by the previous supplier (ours actually was recorded as ‘de-energised’ which meant that there shouldn’t have been any power to it!).

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Thank you, this is useful information.

But I still need a CEO address or the like.

The thing is that all the details you mention have been supplied several times to Bulb, either by myself or the management of my block of flats. Regular (once or twice a week) emails and phone calls by the management over two years have failed to solve the problem.

Consequenly I feel that standard Bulb support and probably also standard complaints section do not have the understanding to solve the issue and that it needs a dedicated support team.

I am even thinking of moving my supply from Bulb to Eon, much as I do not want to do this, just because that would mean that the MPANs that are currently associated with my meter both belong to Eon, and there would no longer be the issue of each company blaming the other.

Just to double check what you mean by the S number

I take it that this refers to the twenty digit number shown over two lines, in which the second line consists of the twelve digits of the MPAN. Could you confirm that.

Also, can you tell me to what extent Eon should be involed. Eon, who were the original company involved, currently have the MPAN that should be correct for my address, and have my meter associated with that MPAN although they aren’t my supplier.

Nobody, either users or Bulb staff, able or willing to give me the CEO address?

That’s what I need, not just useful advice on ways to solve my problem (many of which have been tried over the past two years).

I cant post a link, but Google for the ‘Ceo email uk’ website, and go to B. That took me literally 20 seconds on Google to find.

Yes, I should have said that I had already done that. But was not sure if this still applied, given that Bulb are in special administration. I thought it quite possible that there was currently no CEO, just an administrator.

I’ll hope that my email to the address on that site actually gets there and produces a reply.

On 19th April 2022 Hayden Wood, Co-founder of Bulb, told MPs in Parliament, specifically the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, that he continues to draw his £250,000 salary because “he was asked to stay on to “support customers”” (I’m quoting BBC News website here, including their use of quotation marks). Therefore I imagine that he’ll be only too happy to respond to your email.


That makes it pretty clear that an email to the address I have should get a response.