Bulb claiming I owe £315.64 from SEP - DEC 2020 despite having paid every month?

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I switched from a pay-as-you-go meter in September 2020 and since have been paying every month after the 9th in accordance with my usage, plus a little extra. As of today, I got an email claiming I am in debt with Bulb and owe £315.64 within the next 5 days. I’ve gone over all my payments from bank statements and email confirmations and matched them with my smart meter readings, and up until this date I should owe no more than about £105.09 that I am was going to pay after the 9th of this month as I always have before. On top of this, my account on the website no longer shows all the previous payments I have made, although this wasn’t the case until I received this email claiming I was in debt. What’s going on here? Obviously I don’t owe even close to the amount you claim and on top of that, you are now threatening to charge me a £15 late fee. This is causing a lot of anxiety and I would like it resolved as soon as possible please.

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Are you able to access your statements?

Something I’ve just noticed is that the yearly breakdown claims that they money is owed from a pre-payment meter. We haven’t had a pre-payment meter since September (we switched to a smart meter and was manually paying off the balance in full every month), which is when they’re asking for the £315-odd from. Very confusing.

Yes I am able to access my statements.

Hi @alexcbrookes,

I just took a look at the account, and I couldn’t see any payments other than the recent one. It looks like this is being dealt with, but if you still need a hand please let me know and we can carry on discussing this via email.


Thanks for your reply, I have spoken to somebody over the phone who claimed they had fixed it, but my account still hasn’t been updated. The issue is basically that - for whatever reason - every time I made a payment, it was going towards my old closed prepayment account and not my current smart meters. The lady on the phone saw the mistake straight away on Monday and said it would be fixed and the balance would be transferred, but it has not yet happened. Would you be kind enough to email me in order to look into this again?

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I have been having similar issues. All my previous meter readings since 2019 have disappeared. I got a statement saying I owed £155 even though I give readings every month and pay on time. Then they re calculated and said seemed I had 2 meters on the account. And said they corrected it. Just got ANOTHER statement saying I owed money and didnt show any estimated readings. My readings have always been given on time for my Bill’s on 11th of the month. It’s getting ridiculous! Glad I’ve kept digital copies of my recent Bill’s and annual statements! But seriously, bulb, this us happening to so many of us. You have a system error somewhere.

I see, I’ve also seen a few others with the same issue. Seems there may be something up with their system. The lady on the phone told me not to pay my bill until I’ve heard back and that they will waive any late fees that crop up. Still haven’t heard back myself, but it seems I have exactly the same issue as you. I’d advise you do the same.

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That would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century

I’m experiencing similar issues! Bulb decided to refund everything I paid 16 May 2019-8th May 2020
then decided to charge 3x more resulting in my balance now to be -£350.02! Also all history has disappeared… Fortunately for me, I have printed the Payments & Statements list a few days ago…
Bulb don’t answer the phone, and are unreliable when communicating through the chat features! They promise to fix, but do nothing…
Not sure what to do next? Contacting Citizens Advice Monday and going to the Ombudsman I guess…

If you have tried everything and still can’t get ahold of them, the Ombudsman really is your last call. The thing is, their customer service seem like they genuinely want to help - the lady that tried to help me was very apologetic and was genuinely trying to help me. Their technical system just isn’t fit for purpose and has countless errors, and it’s a real shame. Gather all evidence you can, bank statements, payment confirmation emails, and bills. I still haven’t heard anything regarding my issue, but was told by the lady on the phone not to pay anything until they have resolved the issue, so I’d advise you do the same. You have done nothing wrong and so there’s nothing they can do other than send you payment reminders in the meantime as you have plenty of evidence.

Any now I have a message on my account saying it’s due to be closed and my smart meter display is no longer working. Not really sure what’s going on but I can’t get through to anyone on the phone either.

Hi @xhayleyskx, looking at the notes on your account, I can see that we made a correction to the readings on your account, that caused all your bills to be reissued. This was due to your opening meter readings being incorrect, but it being long ago for us to dispute with your previous supplier. As a result, we conducted what is called a ‘dummy meter exchange’.

Because we were correcting your very first meter readings, this means all your statements have to be credited back to us and reissued again. Don’t worry though, you won’t have paid for anything twice and your bill will now be accurate to your actual usage, rather than the incorrect opening readings we previously have used.

It seems to have been resolved. After dealing with an agent called Hugo, he clarified it was the regulator causing issues. My readings were all correct dating way back and now my account appears correct. Hopefully it remains this way.

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