Bulb Community Feedback

Welcome to the new Bulb community!:sparkles:

I’m Eric - the social media manager here at Bulb :point_down:

We’re excited to share this new platform with you. Use this space to share your feedback and ideas to make it better. :bulb:


Hey everyone :wave: ,

I’m a Software Engineer at Bulb and the tech lead of the Growth product team.

Our team deals with the main bulb.co.uk website and the join journey at join.bulb.co.uk, as well as (sometimes) the Bulb community.

Let us know any feedback or questions you have about the new community or tech@Bulb and I’ll do my best to answer :+1:

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can we please please please get replies to e mails seemingly no one is getting any response at present

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Eric, please reply to my recent post entitled: Bulb customer phone lines need to open on SATURDAY MORNINGS!!


How about teaching your customer service reps to actually provide service? Waited 3 weeks for a confirmation email for technician to visit. I initially replied to their email within 30 minutes. The response I got after 3 weeks “sorry that date is no longer available”. Absolute joke calling themselves “customer service” when they provide no service and can’t even reply to an email in a timely manner.

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Can I just point out that this thread is for feedback on the new community platform, not Bulb in general?

Can we have pagination of long threads rather than infinite scrolling?

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Looks like it isn’t an option for Discourse :frowning:

I also prefer paging, but the timeline widget on the right does fulfil some of the same functions (jumping to last, going to specific points).

Previously we could say “Click Help at the top”, but now that link has gone. You have to first click “Bulb Home” to get to the normal header, then “Help” from there.

Perhaps it would be useful to add to the main community header (where it says “Welcome to the Community” with the three forum links) a link that says something like “Check the knowledge base here before posting your question”.


I run a community Discourse forum and while it’s certainly not a perfect platform, it’s leaps ahead of vBulletin, phpBB. While it takes some getting use to for users I do quite like it overall.

Some incredibly useful Discourse Theme components are:

However, at the end of the day without constant moderation any forum will become an unusable mess. Especially, if similar threads are not merged, off topic comment reports are not dealt with, etc.

I hope that Bulb can use Discourse to its full potential and it becomes a fantastic tool/resources for the community, however, I have my reservations, considering no admins seems to be very active and Bulb have significantly more pressing issues to deal with, ATM.


I can not eeven find out how to post a comment. Where did you start from?

Oh, so now someone from Bulb staff works on a Sunday …

How about concentrating on supporting customers you already have?


I agree concentrate on existing customers first. I was over £1,000 in credit and it took me over 45 minutes of chatting online with service staff to initiate a transfer, then only £750. That’s my money. It’s theft.