Bulb community is open again

Hi all,

We’re reopening Bulb community today. You might have noticed that the community has been in view-only mode over the past couple of weeks.

This was because our team needed to focus on replying to our members’ questions and concerns on other channels after we announced we’re entering Special Administration.

You can read the announcement about Special Administration on our blog. We’ve also answered some of our members’ commonly asked questions in a more recent post.

Special Administration is designed to protect members, making sure there’s no change to your supply and protecting your credit balance. We’ll also continue to make Warm Home Discount payments to eligible members in both the Core Group and Broader Group.

The Bulb community can continue to be a place for discussion about the energy-related topics members are interested in, and we can’t wait to see that discussion return.

Please do use community to help other members and remember our code of conduct still applies.

Look forward to catching up :v:


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Media reporting that it’s game over for Bulb, or at least it’s going to be renationalised…

Yes, just seen that on Sky news

I had a huge email from them last week after I asked them to fix my meter readings on the website before they went bust. This guy [EXPLETIVE] to tell me they were going nowhere as they pre order all their gas and electricity to make the sure they had a supply.


From media reports I saw, this was stated to be true until the end of 2021, but not beyond that. Given the current wholesale market conditions, it seems unlikely that Bulb would have been able to successfully achieve 2022 purchases in their pre-SA¹ financial condition. And AIUI, that, combined with an inability to refinance or obtain further investment, is essentially what tipped them into SA¹.

¹ “Special Administration” (in case it wasn’t obvious from the thread context)