Bulb complaint - IHD / Smart Meter

I sent a complaint on the 8th April and have no acknowledgement so far which is pretty poor considering the complaints statistics which are broadcast for all to see.

Also, I had a post here deleted and have no idea why, maybe because how you’re acting is verging on fraudulent. I’d be happy if someone was to look at my complaint please.

Hi @Dodds77, thanks for your message.

I am very sorry that we haven’t replied to your complaint yet. We have been really busy but I do appreciate that this is poor service. I have found the email and will reply within the next 30 minutes (having had a thorough look in your account).

With regard to your posts, are you referring to one of these?
Smart Meters - What is the point
IHD v Smart Meter + other issues

Let me know if you made another post and we can look into whether/why it’s been deleted.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb: