Bulb constantly fob you off with excuses

Over estimated bills
Been with bulb for a year now and never had the IHD working with electricity. Went to the ombudsman last year and they are supposed to keep me up to date with their supposed fix for it but very long story short, they are now over estimating my electricity bills despite me still sending in meter readings. I was told today that they cannot receive my readings even though I do it through the app every month. My account balance is now in debit, which I do not believe to be so as they don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing. I look back over my statements and there are all sorts of weird amounts such as one month I’ll see £500 odd credited to my account then an amount deducted, then another big amount added plus my monthly amount… So confusing. I have been on to them relentlessly this week to be told that it will take some time to sort it out but they are working on it… Am going to leave them once balance is sorted… Disgraceful customer service.

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