Bulb Customer Service - Finally Given up and Complained to Ombudsman

Well I finally gave up. My smart meter was installed in May of 2019 and has never really worked. It did work for a bout 6 weeks between Dec and Mid Jan. But now the IHD cannot connect to the smart meter, my IHD is in constant reboot. My bulb account no longer receives my meter readings. But the worst thing, by far, is Bulb do not have any form of meaningful customer service. I cannot get through on the phone and they do not respond to my emails. Judging by there recent accounts and massive loss, Bulb are a massive shambles. I uspect they will not be round long, and I am even guessing the ombudsman will take away their right to operate at some point.

I just uploaded 30 emails as evidence to the ombudsman. That is about half of the emails I have sent to Bulb.


You have filled in the OFFICIAL complaint form to BULB and then waited the compulsory 8 weeks, if so all I can say is good luck with that

I made an official complaint in July last year!

Fair enough, but in mvho with all due respect think you might be flogging a dead horse uphill.
Seems to me it would be much less hassle to just switch supplier

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I haven’t been with Bulb very long but cannot see how to sort out a problem with them. I don’t agree with the initial reading when I moved in and can’t get any response despite emailing photos of meter. Going on the content in this thread it looks like I might be switching sooner than I expected :frowning:

Yes going to the ombudsman may get you a financial recompense, perhaps a measly£50 but this would not sort the underlying problems, on the other hand customers leaving in droves may give them a much needed wake up call or another nail in the coffin

Switched. Game over.

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