Bulb data breach


Has anyone else had an email? Or several in my case today saying your friend has referred you? I’m already a member and have been for months. I’ve received 4 email invites from a friend to two of my email addresses , emails that he doesn’t know. He has also had two from the friend who referred him. I feel that we may have been breached?

Hi @Elle,

There was no breach, these emails were sent by Bulb as an experiment sent to people who were previously sent an invitation email to join Bulb by their friends in Bulb Account, but never signed up. However, we couldn’t take into account people who signed up to Bulb using a different email address than the one their friends originally sent the invitation to.

These emails were only sent to email addresses that were entered by friends in Bulb Account. If you’d like me to look into where we go an email address from, send me a private message with that email address and I can look into it for you.

I don’t think we’re likely to try this experiment again. People didn’t seem to appreciate it,

All the best,

Were you surprised that people didn’t appreciate this?

I think Bulb’s marketing strategies are at odds with its environmental ones.

I think my issue with these “experiments” is that none of them are communicated in advance.

Even if it’s only posted on the forums for initial feedback and so there’s a note of what’s going to happen, that would be better than nothing. I know that the forums have been pretty quiet when other announcements have been made but unless it’s done as a regular thing I doubt this is going to improve.

@mowcius That’s a great point and it doesn’t align with our goal of being transparent with our members.

I’ve passed this on to Will and we’ll be keeping it in mind for our future campaigns!