Bulb desperate for cash?

Received email asking for readings by 8th May 2022 so got meter readings and when I went to website, I discovered that Bulb had sent me ESTIMATED bill at 1:26am on the morning of 8th May. I’m well in credit so cannot understand their desperation unless taxpayers money going to be cut by our wonderful government. Wonder how many other customers this is happening to?

I just got my bill. Conveniently its been rehashed from 6th june 21 to 8th may 2022, due to new info from prev supplier or from meter. Sorry, been wirh bulb for a few years and have a smets2, so im calling bs on it.

Hi @eileenaccent, welcome to the Bulb Community :wave:

We ask for a reading before the statement is generated, ideally, we’d get a reading from our members up to 3 days prior to the statement, but in lieu of a reading, we use an estimate.

If the reading you give is lower than our estimate, then we credit back that usage in the next statement.

Apologies if the meter reading email was delayed, that’s unusual but at least you’ll know for next time now.

Any other issues please get in touch and we’ll try our best to get it sorted for you.


Same here now im in debt 90 quod despite 3 years being 400 in credit bs