Bulb doesn't seem to want my custom!

I was with Breeze Energy for quite a few years until they went bust - they were great. I was moved to British Gas as were all Breeze customers - I waited until my account was set up and then wanted to move to Bulb. I am not tied into anything with BG. Bulb are moving my gas but say they cannot move my electricity supply - this seems ridiculous. Unfortunately I see no alternative than to close everything with Bulb. I have cancelled the move of my gas but am still very unimpressed with Bulb.

Can someone explain why my electricity supply can’t be moved when advice on Ofgems website says:

Will I be on a different contract with British Gas? Will I pay more?
They have put you on a deemed tariff rate and will now contact all ex-Breeze Energy customers to let them know personalised tariff information.
You can shop around or ask them to put you on a different tariff. You won’t be charged any exit fees.For clear advice on how to shop, see our guide: How to switch and shop for a better deal. Why are Bulb being difficult about this?

Hello there the only reason i can think of regarding your electric supply being unable to move is the fact that you may have a complex meter. I don’t know if this is the case However this could be a valid reason , Sorry for being a little vague

BG may have objected to the move because it was to soon after your switch from Breeze, although for some obscure reason this does not appear to apply to gas

Thanks for the response - Ofgem put Breeze customers with British Gas as a temporary measure, as you say, seems weird that my gas supply can be moved but not electricity. Can’t get an explanation from anyone. Only thing I can do now is stop the switch on my gas and wait a couple of weeks and try a different supplier who might be able to do something. I spoke to BG a few days ago and they told me they could see no reason why I couldn’t switch.

I had the same problem when a supplier I was with went belly up, if memory serves me correctly(which it often doesn’t) think it’s the cos’t of setting up the account, took me about 6-8 weeks before I could switch. of course it may just be GREED more profit in electricity than gas so they want to keep you prisoner as long as possible