Bulb - doing themselves no favours

We’ve been with Bulb over 2 years ( yes, I must be unhinged ). We’re a family of 2 adults and one child aged 10, so he’s out all day at school in the week and only one of us works from home, so daytime use is miniscule. Like so many, our joining rate was 89 and stayed that way before being bumped up. It has hit an average of 150 per month for Spring and Summer which is a ridiculous sum. They even took two payments of 214, supposedly due to a convenient debit. I submit readings as often as I can, we’ve done the two hourly electricity meter check and there are no spikes or unusual readings and STILL they’re trying to sell me meter analysis for 120 ( you get it back if there is a problem, but there won’t be).

Does anyone seriously think 1800 a year for elec and gas is astronomical ? ( yes we have gas central heating in winter but the issue hasn’t been arising from gas)
With the best will in the world, the advistor dealing with this is pleasant but can’t get us any nearer to a resolution and keeps coming back to the meter check option.
I don’t believe we should be paying this much and if you have any reaction to these figures, I’d love to hear them.

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Hi @john7, thanks for posting on Community again.

If you’re sure that your meter isn’t at fault, something else that we recommend you do is having an electricity perform a trace test on the appliances at your property. This can detect whether an appliance is consuming an unusual amount of energy, which is causing your usage to be higher than you would expect.

This is something that we do like to recommend, especially because over 90% of the meters submitted for accuracy testing are found to be operating within statutory limits, so we absolutely don’t want you to have to pay for this job unless every other possibility for higher-than-expected consumption has been exhausted first.

All the best,
Lou :sparkles:

Thanks Lou

The only thing I’d say to your suggestion is that if there were issues with an appliance, it would of course be showing in erratic / increased meter figures and it isn’t.

It doesn’t matter whether I supply readings ( and sometimes you estimate anyway ) or not, we are paying too much for our energy.

This needs to be a complaint that is escalated further.

Yes I agree with you totally, there charges are now triple to what they were at the beginning of the year ,it seems the con is on and there as bad as all the rest , appalling am very disappointed in buble thought they’d be better than this . They’ve sent me 2 wrong huge bills in the past year ,all sorted eventually, but never got the same person ,customer service is a lucky dip and never follow through . I would not recommend.

I am disgusted with how much we are being charged. Last month we spent £70 in total on gas and electric and they have decided to increase my payments to £297 a month! Our smart meter doesn’t work and hasn’t been sorted despite me reporting. We will be switching

Hey @janine.burnham - welcome to community :slight_smile:

I’ve had a look at your account- We’re unable to talk to your meters right now due to a connection issue with the Communications Hub (comms hub) which sits on top of your electricity meter. This is why we stopped receiving smart meter readings in April.

This hub is the part of your meter setup that sends readings to Bulb and to your in-home display. Your in-home display may be repeatedly restarting because of this.We’ve requested for your comms hub to be remotely rebooted, which usually helps re-establish the connection.

If you live in or South of Manchester, the reboot will be complete in 2-3 weeks. If you’re North of Manchester, it will be six weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement after this time, let us know and I’ll check up on the reboot request for you.

In regards to your billing, we are billing to meter readings you’re submitting so the billing on the account is accurate to your use. It’s also due to the debt on the account that we have suggested you increase your payments as prior payments weren’t enough to cover the use.

Any questions let us know :relaxed:

– H :bulb:

Yes me to daylight robbery ,disgusted and astonished at this criminal behaviour.

Bulb have been pathetic of late, certainly in their replies to this community

Not answering people for days, moderating posts by long term visitors who are pi**ed off with the ranty newbies who gob off before doing any research, mods who just give soundbites and rehashed answers (when they do finally reply)

I’ve tried to defend Bulb for some time but no longer thanks to their woeful responses and actions on this community and massively increasing our direct debits to a level which far exceeds our usage history, even in winter months

They’re certainly not helping themselves when instead they should be looking after and standing by those of us who been with them for years

With Bulb on thin ice financially you should be doing all you can to keep us (customers) sweet and not angering us by being the most hackneyed replies and pathetic Mods you are


I’ve asked Xoserve if Bulb even submit an address amendment to the gas database as I got rejected switching to British Gas with a 1-year fix at the same tariff of Bulb.

British Gas kindly put our switch on hold until Bulb resolved the issues. Bulb or someone who edited our address declared our profile class as 00 (business) instead of 01 (residential) until last month to prevent us from leaving to British Gas. The statements prove we were always classed as 01 until recently.

Then the postcode issue of our address on the gas database has been an issue with all suppliers on my road - I contacted Xoserve today to find out Bulb have not sent over any address amendment to them at all and they kindly are contacting them to remind them about the issue.

As for my gas meter - apparently that cannot be commissioned as Bulb do not hold the British Gas security credentials. I am not sure why Bulb cannot ask British Gas for the binding keys - the IGT and British Gas said the new supplier is able to comission the meter. We switched from British Gas where we were told SMETS2 meters would be compatible, yet we were getting estimated bills until August when I raised the issue.

So, we tried to switch back to British Gas to get all the smart issues fixed - yet we were unable to do so as British Gas rejected the switch for all of those conflicting metering information.

We switched to Bulb in the new house as we were with them since 2014 - back then support was not like this and was rather helpful, we even referred some people and everyone was happy. I’m not sure how Bulb went downhill lately but I feel sceptical that this is just ways of preventing people from leaving - especially now that no supplier would take on variable tariffs.

Recently . I reported Bulb to the Ombusdman an I won my case . I got £75 as an apology and also £493.14 credited to my account as I was overcharged all in all happy . Then last week the £493.14 was took out my account an I was given the excuse that the smart meter they installed the engineer had put the night rate an day rate round wrong . Bulb told this was correct so I said so the meter readings on my smart meter that I get are wrong bulb said no they are right strange . Then they took a further £204 out my account an said for a 3 month period even tho Iam monthly . I was £888 in credit now £333 . I pay £84 a month and average between 85 an 90 pounds through winter which I see with my own eyes on my smart meter so with 333 in account £85 is enough for winter . But according to bulb Iam using £136 a month . I have emailed 3 times no reply so after this 8 week period the ombusdman will be dealing with it again . To all you people out there go to the ombusdman

Hi @shaun5948 :wave:

Thanks for your post.

I’m really sorry you’ve been disappointed with our service of late.

We really appreciate the feedback, and will take any criticism on board as we understand it will help us provide better service for our members in the future.

I’ll drop you an email today, so if you like we can discuss your feedback further and also take a look at your payments.


Hi @Henri_K :wave:

Thanks for your post,

Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your meters and the database.

I just went to have a look into this for you but the email for your community account isn’t linked to any accounts we have on record.

Please could you drop me a DM on here and I can take a further look ?

Hi @Jamie810

I just had a look over your account,

The statement of +£493.14 that was for the period 28/07/21 - 27/08/21 underwent a statement correction. As it was a positive statement, we then deducted the same amount from your account to cancel it out.

Your statement for 28/08/21 - 27/09/21 was for £57.97, this also underwent a statement correction and so that amount was refunded into your account.

In the place of those two statement, we produced a statement for the period 28/07/21 - 27/10/21 which came out as £204.07 so although you are billed monthly, we consolidated these statements into one.

I hope this clears your account up a little, I will send you an email over now so we can discuss any queries you have in more detail.

Eleanor :bulb:

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Hi @Ele_at_Bulb,

Since my last post - I’ve spoken to Luke today who told us that Xoserve have rejected the address update as it did not match the Royal Mail formatting, the plot number needs to be removed and they resubmit this today and he would update me by next week on the progress.

I’ll send you our details over as this is a joint-account with my mum as she found it hard to understand the commissioning issues we have faced.

It was a bit of a hassle as we have had to complain to British Gas as well to pause our switch until they confirm the whole metering information is correct on the databases - which was why they had rejected our switch.

We’re only moving back to them as Bulb do not have the British Gas security credentials to pair up the meter and IHD. We raised a complaint to the ombudsman regarding this, but I am sure Bulb will not be able to resolve the issue as it requires British Gas to commission. They did mention that there is a policy where all meters should be functional by June 2025 - but this seems far away.

Kind Regards,


More mistakes by bulb . Also how do you explain my smart metre telling me Iam using between 85 to 90 pounds a month roughly in energy . an Iam paying 84 pounds a month to my account . But bulb say Iam using 136 pounds a month an to put my payments up to 123 pounds . Iam in credit by 333pounds so any shortfall is made up by that . An then in summer use less energy keep paying 84 pounds an the credit goes back up . Also bulb appoligised for the mistakes made to my account after I went to the ombsudman which you probably be aware of . I formally complained to bulb for a second time on the 30.10.21 from that date in 8 weeks time I will be going back to the ombusdman because I have no faith bulb will resolve another mistake in the 8 weeks . The way this company is treating its customers is an absolute disgrace . Maybe its to do with the fact that bulb is almost out the game . SHOCKING COMPANY SHOCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE .