Bulb - doing themselves no favours

We’ve been with Bulb over 2 years ( yes, I must be unhinged ). We’re a family of 2 adults and one child aged 10, so he’s out all day at school in the week and only one of us works from home, so daytime use is miniscule. Like so many, our joining rate was 89 and stayed that way before being bumped up. It has hit an average of 150 per month for Spring and Summer which is a ridiculous sum. They even took two payments of 214, supposedly due to a convenient debit. I submit readings as often as I can, we’ve done the two hourly electricity meter check and there are no spikes or unusual readings and STILL they’re trying to sell me meter analysis for 120 ( you get it back if there is a problem, but there won’t be).

Does anyone seriously think 1800 a year for elec and gas is astronomical ? ( yes we have gas central heating in winter but the issue hasn’t been arising from gas)
With the best will in the world, the advistor dealing with this is pleasant but can’t get us any nearer to a resolution and keeps coming back to the meter check option.
I don’t believe we should be paying this much and if you have any reaction to these figures, I’d love to hear them.

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Hi @john7, thanks for posting on Community again.

If you’re sure that your meter isn’t at fault, something else that we recommend you do is having an electricity perform a trace test on the appliances at your property. This can detect whether an appliance is consuming an unusual amount of energy, which is causing your usage to be higher than you would expect.

This is something that we do like to recommend, especially because over 90% of the meters submitted for accuracy testing are found to be operating within statutory limits, so we absolutely don’t want you to have to pay for this job unless every other possibility for higher-than-expected consumption has been exhausted first.

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Lou :sparkles:

Thanks Lou

The only thing I’d say to your suggestion is that if there were issues with an appliance, it would of course be showing in erratic / increased meter figures and it isn’t.

It doesn’t matter whether I supply readings ( and sometimes you estimate anyway ) or not, we are paying too much for our energy.

This needs to be a complaint that is escalated further.

Yes I agree with you totally, there charges are now triple to what they were at the beginning of the year ,it seems the con is on and there as bad as all the rest , appalling am very disappointed in buble thought they’d be better than this . They’ve sent me 2 wrong huge bills in the past year ,all sorted eventually, but never got the same person ,customer service is a lucky dip and never follow through . I would not recommend.

I am disgusted with how much we are being charged. Last month we spent £70 in total on gas and electric and they have decided to increase my payments to £297 a month! Our smart meter doesn’t work and hasn’t been sorted despite me reporting. We will be switching

Hey @janine.burnham - welcome to community :slight_smile:

I’ve had a look at your account- We’re unable to talk to your meters right now due to a connection issue with the Communications Hub (comms hub) which sits on top of your electricity meter. This is why we stopped receiving smart meter readings in April.

This hub is the part of your meter setup that sends readings to Bulb and to your in-home display. Your in-home display may be repeatedly restarting because of this.We’ve requested for your comms hub to be remotely rebooted, which usually helps re-establish the connection.

If you live in or South of Manchester, the reboot will be complete in 2-3 weeks. If you’re North of Manchester, it will be six weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement after this time, let us know and I’ll check up on the reboot request for you.

In regards to your billing, we are billing to meter readings you’re submitting so the billing on the account is accurate to your use. It’s also due to the debt on the account that we have suggested you increase your payments as prior payments weren’t enough to cover the use.

Any questions let us know :relaxed:

– H :bulb: