Bulb don't Install Double Pole Isolator (DPI)

I need to have a DPI installed so i can get a EV charger. I checked on this forum and it said to phone the Bulb help line and ask… Just did that and they said that Bulb don’t offer this service. Anyone know if this is true and if so how i would go about getting one installed?


Contact your DNO.
They will point you to who you should contact.

There is a map here of who yours is

Thanks . I’m giving it a go.

Bulb do offer this service, which will be done via their meter contractor, likely Siemens.

See: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360028024111-Getting-your-meter-changed-removed-or-tested

Installing an isolation switch: £120

You’ll also most likely need your meter tails upgrading in size. Bulb will do this too:

Upgrading an electricity meter’s wires (for example, for older properties): £120

Both of those ought to be done at the same time for one cost. I doubt they would charge twice. This is likely cheaper than getting the DNO to do it. If, for example, you were in the Western Power Distribution region they would charge £172.43 plus VAT with a lead time of about 3 weeks.

Getting the DNO to do it will almost certainly be more convenient that dealing with Bulb, especially given as you’ve found their call centre staff are often poorly trained.

This is great. I’ll phone them back now. Thank you

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