Bulb dont reply to emails


I sent an email to bulb regarding a number of issues with my account on 22 june, i received an automated response, but nothing since,
It seems that they no longer care about their customers.

From missed meter changes in february (still awaiting compensation), gas accounts that dont appear on my online account, and lack of response to emails, im ready to give in and try to change suppliers.

Same. I’ve been trying to get issues with my meter resolved for months. Every time I call, I speak to someone new who I then have to explain the whole issue to again. They promise to chase the metering team and email me back. I rarely hear anything back but, if they do email, I get questions which I already answered months ago.

I even emailed a complaints@bulb.co.uk and that still hasn’t helped.

Just forget about the experience I have cancelled my DD and will now only pay on receipt of a paper bill to my door! I then have 14 business days to pay, suggesting that others do the same as the customer services is hopeless and based in Durban, South Africa so why do they care?
I’m going to be in touch with Matt Allright of BBC Watchdog if anyone wants to join me? Also a complaint going to the ombudsman and OFGEM
Bulb is history but still supplying and taking money!